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Meet the VIAJIYU Young Trailblazers


We find courage through practicing it.

Maya Angelou


A #VYT is a VIAJIYU Young #TRAILBLAZER. Students from around the world design their own work experience. #VYT's usually begin work at VIAJIYU HQ in Florence, Italy and these days we work virtually, too.

The VIAJIYU Young #TRAILBLAZER program started by accident in March 2014, thanks to Lee. Lee was timid, but a talented student from South Korea. Nic spotted that talent and wanted to create confidence in Lee. She gave Lee a safe place to practice courage + her craft: graphic design. Lee helped Nic find her mission: Empower women one step at a time.

The VIAJIYU Young #TRAILBLAZER program is a design-your-own, work experience. Our goal: Help students step closer to their dream job. Build a portfolio. Solve a real life problem. Grow confidence. Practice their craft. Learn to embrace failure. Start a business.

We're a newsroom of makers + future founders. Students choose their projects. Students set their hours. Students work closely with the founders. No one fetches coffee. We've #REIMAGINED what it means to apprentice or intern. We want to grow confidence, not crush it. We want students to be the captain from the start.

Be a VYT

You make stuff happen. You solve problems. You tell stories. Then join us. We're dreamers + doers. Future founders + fixers. Superheroes-in-training for a world humanity has yet to imagine.

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