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The Founder

Nicole Still founded VIAJIYU in 2013. She is also the co-founder of The Balmain Boat Company and Drink Digital. She is a writer and storyteller first and an accidental entrepreneur second. Her three small businesses are ages thirteen, eight and five — her children. She created all three small businesses by accident.


From Loveland, Ohio to Sydney, Australia VIA TIME Magazine in New York City. From journalist to consultant to shopkeeper, working on four continents.

Her friends say: "Every decade, she loves to burn her life to the ground and start over."


Shoes create stories. Shoes make people #HAPPY. You can walk a thousand miles in an amazing pair of shoes. Amazing life stories happen in shoes.

If you want to meet VIAJIYU's founder, she works at the Florence boutique every week April-November. Pop by to share stories, especially trailblazing stories, over espresso or prosecco.   

She never dreamed of living in Italy or opening a Florence boutique or starting a shoe company. (She still can't speak Italian.) She thought her business would be virtual. She wanted to create the NikeiD of #flats.

She wanted to create a movement of #TRAILBLAZERS…

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