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“Girls are the most powerful force for change on the planet.”

We thought a lot about how we could give back in the beginning of our business.

We are inspired by the amazing philanthropy of the TOMS One for One program.

And, the Tory Burch Foundation’s support of women entrepreneurs.

And, American Express’ support of Small Businesses.

But, before a girl can confidently blaze a trail or start her own business, she needs help to clear the path of perils, especially in Asia.

In 2002, Warren Buffet dedicated $1 billion to create a foundation with one specific focus: “Promoting Gender equality Worldwide.”

Currently, less than $0.02 of each humanitarian aid dollar is invested directly to girls. With this disparity, it is difficult for girls to reach their potential.

The Girl Effect is designed to advocate for greater recognition of girls’ talents and potential.

The Campaign advocates on the following 10 pillars:

  1. Let's See Some ID — many girls in the developing world do not have a formal birth certificate, which then makes it nearly impossible for them to prove their age in order to avoid child marriage, open a bank account, vote or even get a job.
  2. Illiteracy Does Not Look Good on a Resume — a majority of the world's children who have left school are girls. This makes it hard for them to learn and advance and also threatens their personal safety.
  3. Pregnancy Does Not Look Good on a Little Girl — child marriage is a common practice in the areas where girls are marginalized. Their bodies are not considered their property and thereby are subject to violence and abuse.
  4. The Face of HIV is Increasingly Young and Female — educating girls in HIV prevention has shown considerable results, but the girls also need to be supported to make empowered choices.
  5. A Nice Place to Work Would Be Nice — girls need to be trained in financial literacy as well as given the proper opportunities to work in a safe environment, which can provide training for their future endeavors, leading to economic independence.
  6. The Check is in the Mail But It's Going to Your Brother — a small percentage of the world's aid goes to girls, but when they are given the opportunity, she will reinvest it into the community at a much higher rate than her male counterparts.
  7. Adolescent Girls Aren't Just Future Women — girls are living now; they deserve programs designed for them in the present, not for their future as mothers.
  8. Laws Were Made to Be Enforced — many of the world's nations have laws to protect girls, but the key is ensuring that governing bodies are enforcing these laws in a consistent and fair manner.
  9. She Should Be a Statistic — girls have been consistently left out of the research equation. Annual statistical reports need to be produced concerning the welfare of the world's girls.
  10. Everyone Gets on Board or We're All Overboard — in order for this campaign to be effective, everyone needs to understand and buy into the campaign.

Nic, the VIAJIYU founder, frequently travels to India, China and Southeast Asia and passionately believes if you change one girl's life, you change the world.

VIAJIYU will donate 5% of our profits to The Girl Effect annually.

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