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Meet the Makers



Trailblazing women, who defy labels, are at the heart of all things VIAJIYU. Even our #FIRST factory was co-founded by a woman. Mirella opened the factory with her husband. Mirella kept her family name after marriage. The factory bears her name, not her partner’s. Her two children continue the family business with her today. At 70+ Mirella still works in the factory and lives upstairs with her husband. She supervises the 15+ women who sew VIAJIYU’s uppers by hand. Her family believed in VIAJIYU #FIRST.


Made in Italy manufacturing relies on the expertise of true artisan masters, who turn out handmade products that are, nowadays, the real luxury.


JULY 2012



Down the river from Mirella is another #TRAILBLAZER we love: Serena. Serena transformed VIAJIYU. Her artisans created our bestselling style: the Trento. Serena’s factory makes millions of pairs of high heels for Italy’s most sought after luxury brands. Now, she makes VIAJIYU’s boots, sandals and wedges. Serena saved VIAJIYU. She did not need our business. She did not need to embrace a made-to-order model. Yet, she believed in women supporting women. And, she dared to be different.


What makes Italian shoemaking so remarkable isn’t the artisans alone, it’s the local ingredients. Like a Michelin-star restaurant, a chef is only as extraordinary as his ingredients.

Nicole Still

The VIAJIYU Founder



Stefania is the world’s most famous tannery for goatskin. Since WWII, they have provided the goatskin for all the luxury houses. Goatskin is naturally waterproof, scratch resistant and softer than calf. No matter how small our orders, Stefania has supported VIAJIYU from the start. Massimo, their Tuscan agent, introduced Nicole to Serena.


In this day and age, if you can buy anything, anywhere, anytime, where is the thrill of discovery, of buying something one of a kind?

Nicole Still

The VIAJIYU Founder


VIA #Como

Attilio is a world class textile mill led by women. It began in the late 1800s. Today, Christina, her mother + her sister lead a team of 35 people. More than 75% of the team is female. From sailcloth to linen, Attilio weaves thousands of colors. VIAJIYU’s vegan collection relies on Attilio’s artistry.

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