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We're it.


Our mission is to inspire and connect trailblazing women across the globe, shoes just start the conversation.


Because every trailblazing woman needs one fabulous pair of flats.


Here are just a few of our outrageous headlines so far...


- No, we are not a Ferragamo concept store (as believed by local Florentines). Yes, we do rent our flagship store directly from the Ferragamo family and are located next to the Ferragamo headquarters and museum.


- The shop was open for the first 88 days without a door — a small detail. We finally installed a proper door on Nov. 27, 2013, just in time for winter.


- The VIAJIYU founder moved to Florence in September 2013 with no place to live, no staff and not a single Italian lesson to date. A sense of humor carries you far when you sleep on the shop floor for months without hot water.


- Our first office in the world was in Shanghai, China.  We have companies set up in Italy, USA and Australia. We set up the Italian company in a record 12 days. 


- The first factory, which manufactures VIAJIYU and some of the world's most sought after luxury brands, turned down the founder twice over seven months before agreeing to be VIAJIYU's shoemaking partner in February 2013. 


- On Jan. 1, 2015, VIAJIYU was in the black with no debt, no investors and completely self-funded. Not bad for less than 24 months of existence.


Lessons the VIAJIYU founder has learned so far: 

1. It helps to speak the language when you launch a company in a foreign country, especially to withdraw money from an ATM or to sign a lease with a legendary company, AKA Ferragamo.


 2. Hire all ages. The average age of a VIAJIYU staff member is over 40. You can teach someone to use a laptop or iPad, but you can't teach experience and attention to detail. We love team members who can do math without a calculator and spell without spellcheck.


3. Start small and scrappy and never forget family. Our small family business is less than 3 part-time people and only one full-time staff member.  Never let size, age or money stand in the way of your dreams.


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(AP Style tip: VIAJIYU is always written in ALL CAPS.)


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