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VIA MARCHE: Casa Azzurra

Casa Azzurra is a small boutique hotel located in the Loro Piceno countryside, in Marche, Italy.

Eco-tourism at its best, the Feng-shui designed building runs on solar and geothermal energy, ensuring a neutral impact on the environment.

The focus is on the wellbeing of the guests, from the on-site yoga classes, to the hotel's own organic restaurant. 

A spa is soon to be added to the establishment, including a sauna, Turkish baths and shiatsu massage.

The owner, Elia, is a gem. He takes pride in making guests feel at home and shares his stories around the dinner table.


VIA tip: Visit Casa Azzurra in July and take in the breathtaking views of sunflowers, spread out over the vast expanse of surrounding hills.

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