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Bonita Lim, a fearless trailblazing woman, is the founder of NuoMi - a Shanghai based female fashion label providing women and children with sustainable livelihoods.

An overseas-born Chinese raised in the Philippines, Bonita studied for an MBA in Canada before moving to China to join her father and take over the family business, as per her grandfather's legacy.

However, observing the lives of the poor and underprivileged, Bonita realised that,

                                       "It's not enough to come back home, to invest in China, 
                                                              bring our fortunes back to the motherland, to build this country. 
                                                                                              The real work is to serve its people."

After the break-up of her first marriage, Bonita raised twins as a single mother and studied fashion design in her spare time. She established her business, NuoMi, in 2006 and now supports underprivileged families in Shanghai through employment, microfinancing and training.

Watch Bonita's TED Talk on Youtube.


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