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The Boat Builder - VIA Vert Design, Sydney

There are rare moments in every person's career, when her path crosses with pure GENIUS.

For the VIAJIYU founder, that moment came when she met Andrew Simpson, the founder of Vert Design and creator of The Balmain Boat Company.

Simpson, a Sydney local, is an industrial designer, sailor, glass blower and inventor extraordinaire.

In 2010, he began a collaboration with the VIAJIYU founder to create DIY boat kits.  Thus, The Balmain Boat Company (BBCo) was born.

If you don’t know what to buy for the man who has everything, the BBCo DIY rowboat and sailboat kits make the perfect gift. Because anyone can build a boat. 

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VIA Tip: An avid sailor, watch Simpson race Friday afternoons at the Balmain Boat Club.

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